Self-Awareness is Key

By Pam Boyer

Self-Assessment: Where Are You RIGHT Now?

We’re always growing and evolving. It’s just what we do in this thing called, “life.” From time to time it’s really good to slow down enough to access where we are. To actually ask ourselves the question: “Where am I in this moment?”

We suggest making this a theme for one of your Morning Pages days. Write the question at the top of your page and just start writing your assessment.

To help you get started. Let’s define what awareness is.

What is awareness?

Awareness is when we can look at ourselves as others might see us. Well, as best we can. We perform an evaluation and we take note of it. Here’s an example.

Write the question at the top of the page. And answer it. Then, write your next question and answer it. Not all these topics will apply to you. Pick the ones that do and begin writing.

How do I feel today?

Excited. Tired. Exhausted. Happy. Sad. Sick.

Am I in loving supportive relationships?

My girlfriends are a great support system for me. I have two people in my life who are very critical of me. I am lonely even though I am in a relationship. My spouse is my best friend.

How do I feel about my work/career or retirement?

I dread Monday’s? I am passionate about my volunteer roles in the community. I am unhappy and feel trapped. I love my work, but am out of balance.

You will have other categories to consider:

Family, children, parents, significant other or lack thereof, health, living arrangements, finances, social life

"Here’s why we want you to do this. It’s because when you become aware, then you can start taking action to move yourself into the best place for you."

The practice of Morning Pages will help you move through your changes, if changes are needed, while giving you a place to vent, express gratitude, plan and create. This is where you can begin.

Getting this awareness thing right.

Guess what? You do have the power to make choices about your life and what and how it happens. You are the person holding the wheel. You are not a victim (even if you feel like you are). You can create the life you want to have. It can take time. I know, you want to be able to twitch your nose like Samantha on Bewitched. Remember, though, we have time. And, I couldn't resist returning to a quotation from Julia Cameron's book: It's Never Too Late.

There's a saying, some call it a joke, that goes like this ...

Question: Do you know how old I will be by the time I learn to play the piano?

Answer: The same age you'll be if you don't.

You saw this coming, didn’t you?

Question: Do you know how old you will be if you don’t take steps to improve your life?

Answer: The same age you'll be if you don't.