Starting Your Morning Pages Practice

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It's Easy Peasy to Get Started! Here's How

Many people praise the importance of daily writing Morning Pages. Apparently, there's more to this than expressing our thoughts and feelings. There's plenty of research out there telling us journaling regularly is a good thing. Doing so has been shown to boost our immune system health, improve our sleep and help us with our self confidence. And, we're not listing all the benefits.

Before you get started here are a few things to think about ...

1. Go with the flow. Write what comes to mind even if it seems a bit like complaining or whining. Get those thoughts expressed so you can move to something else ... plans, dreams, goals and aspirations.

2. Tell the truth. Remember what you will write is for your eyes only. If you can't tell yourself the truth, it's much more challenging to get the benefit of the practice.

3. Write about your feelings, emotions and thoughts. This is not designed to be a listing of your activities or schedule. It's about your feelings, emotions and thoughts. Out of this writing you will also step into writing about your aspirations, dreams and goals. It's also a way to write yourself to answers, peace, resolution or solutions. And, it's a way to fulfill and enhance our creative abilities and needs.

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