It's Never Too Late

Course: It's Never Too Late by Pam Boyer based on the book "It's Never Too Late to Begin Again" by Julia Cameron

Older people at library

An eight-week course to help you discover what gives your life meaning and purpose. Often retirement creeps up on us and we are unprepared for all the changes we experience. Without a structured process where we can reflect and rediscover our interests we may find ourselves settling for less than we had hoped.

Materials developed by Pam Boyer over her twenty-five years of using Julia’s tools.

The Process:

You will learn to create a fascinating story, which will lead to a fulfilling retirement.

What We'll Do:

Together we'll work through the process, which includes basic practices and steps.

  • Morning Pages
  • Memoir Writing
  • Artist’s Dates
  • Solo Walks

Several of these tools have been refined by Julia over the course of her career, but a few are new.

You Don't Have to Be a Good Writer!

Put all your concerns about your ability to write aside: None require that you be a good writer.

You Don't Have to Share a Word with Anyone

Put all your concerns about privacy aside: You do not have to share any of your work, if you don’t choose to.

You Will Benefit from the Group Environment

The class periods will involve learning new practices, sharing progress and frustrations, and supporting each other’s journey.

And, an Added Bonus ...

This class will allow you to reclaim your earliest dreams and memories to see where they still fit in your current life.