Tools, Tips and Secrets

Here is where you'll find tools, tips and secrets to help you pen your own story, write your morning pages or journal.

Our favorite tools of choice: Hemi-Sync® and Morning Pages. Keep reading to find out more.

The Inclusion of Hemi-Sync®

One of our favorite tools is a sound technology called Hemi-Sync®.

Here's an excellent article by Allyn Evans, Guest Trainer at The Monroe Institute, explaining how the sound technology was created.

She also wrote a very helpful article about how to best experience Hemi-Sync.

Shop for Hemi-Sync here!

One of the things we like about Hemi-Sync is there are so many choices and purposes. If you want help deciding what you need, email us! You can either purchase CDs or downloads. And, you can play your selection on any device, even a CD player! You'll just have to have a two speaker system, headphones or earbuds.

The idea for Morning Pages comes from Julia Cameron, who wrote the Artist's Way for starters. Here's how Julia Cameron explains the concept.

"The bedrock tool of a creative recovery is something I call Morning Pages. These are three pages of longhand morning writing about absolutely anything. They are to be written first thing in the morning and shown to no one."

More about Hemi-Sync from our favorite M.D., Brian Dailey.

We've included a YouTube video by our good friend, Dr. Brian Dailey, MD, talking about using Hemi-Sync to enhance your meditation practice. We also use it to heighten our creativity!

To learn more about practical and healing applications of the sound technology, you might enjoy more videos by Dr. Brian Dailey on YouTube.

Our Online Courses

For those of you who take our online or in-person courses, we'll be recommending specific titles for you to purchase to correspond with the class.

Of course, you don't have to wait for a course to start incorporating Hemi-Sync into your life. Actually, we hope you don't! Want help with where to start, email us! Or, go check out our favorites!

Here's the Hemi-Sync catalog.

There are over 300 titles. We are more than happy to help you figure it out. All you have to do is email us.